Bathroom Partitions


Partition Plus works with North America’s leading bathroom partition manufacturers.



Powder Coated Steel

-Average price per stall $299.00
If you’re looking for a bathroom partition that will last and for a price that won’t break the bank, look no further than Powder Coated Steel. These stalls are a great choice for most types of buildings and situations. It’s powder coating gives a strong cleanable surface that looks great. Take a look at the Powder Coated Steel information page to get more details about these bathroom stalls.


High Pressure Laminate

-Average price per stall $369.00
When you need a toilet compartment that can be multi-purpose but also friendly to one’s budget, take a look at High Pressure Laminate (HPL). These bathroom stalls are made using industrial strength particle board that is infused with hardened wood, this process creates a very strong & heavy duty material able to last for years.


HDPE Solid Plastic

-Average price per stall $629.00
When you need tough & quality in one place, use HDPE Solid Plastic bathroom partitions. They’re made with 1″ inch thick high-density polyethylene (non-porous) meaning you’ll never worry about moisture or unwanted smells. Polyethylene construction also makes it heavily resistant to physical damage. Solid plastic restroom stalls are capable of withstanding graffiti & other forms of vandalism. HDPE also comes with a 25 year warranty.


Stainless Steel

-Average price per stall $755.00
Looking for reliability and style with a touch of modern? Stainless Steel toilet stalls would be a great choice. While featuring an elegant & fresh look, stainless steel is also resilient. The optional embossed pattern does a great job of not only masking, but protecting against physical damage caused by scratches. These bathroom stalls also are resistant against corrosive damage some chemical cleaners can cause.


Solid Core Phenolic

-Average price per stall $769.00
When you want a high end product to compliment a high end bathroom, phenolic is the way to go. Phenolic is not only durable but also very customizable. Solid phenolic toilet stalls are very resistant towards damage and abuse. This material also has a 25 year replacement guarantee, boasting a very long life cycle. Selecting this type of restroom divider can reward you with a very long time of guaranteed use.


Reinforced Composite

-Average price per stall $865.00
Need a durable all in one solution? Give Solid Color Rienforced Composite (SCRC) bathroom stalls a closer look. It’s resistant to dents, impacts, moisture, scratches and graffiti can be easily removed with a graffiti removal solution due to the type of material and the coating applied to to these units. They come with a Class B fire safety rating and also are environmentally friendly. Give us a call for more information.