Hawa Junior Sliding Hardware for Wood Doors

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Hawa Junior is a top hung sliding door hardware system for use with, primarily, wooden door panels. It is available in several varieties. Consider the following to find the best Hawa Junior system for your project:

Panel Weight/Size: Currently offered Junior systems accommodate 40kg (88 lbs), 80kg (176 lbs), 120kg (264 lbs), 160kg (352 lbs), and 250kg (551 lbs) maximum door panel weights. Don’t use a system designed for lighter door panels. Avoid using systems designed for significantly heavier door panels (such as using a Junior 160 system for a 70kg door panel). Up to 6m (19′ 8 1/4″) track lengths are available. Shorter lengths are offered and all tracks can be trimmed to fit.

Method of Operation: The system can accommodate one, two, three, or more door panels in a variety of configurations. Single panel, bypassing, and bi parting arrangements are the most basic. Telescoping, symmetric, and telescoping symmetric configurations (using special components) are also available.

Special Components: Hawa Junior sliding door hardware systems are highly customizable. Optional Angle Profile allows tracks to be wall mounted. Special framing kits make pocket door installations easier. A range of slow close, slow open, and guide mechanisms are also offered. Need help with a part request? Contact us for assistance.

Download the Hawa Junior Sliding Door Hardware (PDF) brochure for more information.

Specific systems include:

  • Hawa Junior 40
  • Hawa Junior 80/Z
  • Hawa Junior 80/B
  • Hawa Junior 80/B (mod.)
  • Hawa Junior 80/Inox
  • Hawa Symmetric 80/Z
  • Hawa Telescopic 80/2
  • Hawa Telescopic 80/3
  • Hawa Telescopic 40/4
  • Hawa Junior 120/A
  • Hawa Junior 120/B
  • Hawa Junior 160/A
  • Hawa Junior 160/B
  • Hawa Junior 250/A
  • Hawa Junior 250/B

Additional information

System Names

Hawa Junior 40, Hawa Junior 80/Z, Hawa Junior 80/B, Hawa Junior 80/B (mod.), Hawa Junior 80/Inox, Hawa Symmetric 80/Z, Hawa Telescopic 80/2, Hawa Telescopic 80/3, Hawa Telescopic 40/4, Hawa Junior 120/A, Hawa Junior 120/B, Hawa Junior 160/A, Hawa Junior 160/B, Hawa Junior 250/A, Hawa Junior 250/B

Weight Capacities

40kg (88 lbs), 80kg (176 lbs), 120kg (264 lbs), 160kg (352 lbs), 250kg (551 lbs)

Suspension Styles

One Way Suspension, Two Way Suspension, Profile Suspension