High Pressure Laminate

Average price per stall $369.00

When budget considerations are critical, high pressure laminate (HPL) partitions can offer the most sensible option. These sturdy, resin-infused industrial grade particle board panels and doors are CLASS B fireproof (ATSM E 84) and shown to be more impact and scratch-resistant than metal. The standard version has a core that’s made of particleboard and not recommended for high moisture areas. If you have a high moisture area, Solid Phenolic Core or Solid Plastic (HDPE) is a better choice. There is an optional steel core/welded leveling device available for every configuration. Which will add durability, however at an added cost.

HPL stalls come in a variety of finishes that include premium high-gloss colors and faux-wood patterns. It will not be difficult to find a color or style that will fit in with your facility or institution. These bathroom partitions are noted for their totally concealed hardware on the exterior and sleek look that always appears clean.

35 Standard Colors Available

Want to match your high pressure laminate stalls with your newly painted bathroom? With 35 standard colors, that shouldn’t be hard, take a look at our color chart brochures below and see for yourself!

Quick Ship Colors

The colors below ship in 2-3 days plus just a few days for transit time

Designer White
White Carrara
Antique White
Natural Almond
Satin Stainless
Desert Zephyr
Natural Canvas
Grey Nebula
Pewter Mesh
Evening Tigris
Natural Tigris
Wheat Strand
Slate Grey
Tungsten EV
Spiced Zephyr
Windswept Bronze
Burnt Strand
Graphite Nebula
Green Tigris
Chestnut Woodline
Chocolate Warp
Navy Grafix
Brittany Blue
Smokey Br Pear
Figured Mahogany
Spectrum Blue
Leaf Green
Basalt Slate

** Many other colors from Wilsonart and Formica are also available **

Reinforcement On Every Panel

Inside the cubicles, each HPL door is securely fastened with chrome-plated polished Zamak hinges and latches. These latches are easily operated with one hand and also allow for rapid exterior access in case of emergency. The units have a variety of mounting options but all can be securely attached together with strong plated brackets and bolted to the floor with stainless steel wedge floor anchors. The HPL panels meet ATSM D 6578-00 for their graffiti-resistance, with 9 out of 9 marks removed in a testing environment; for comparison, only 5 marks were cleaned from a competing metal surface. These Classic Series designs promise graffiti removal that won’t leave a trace, ensuring an always-new appearance.

In other testing, our HPL partitions outperformed metal counterparts in two more important categories. They resist damage from impact, having been shown to deflect a force of 3 inch-lb. spherical weights dropped on their face, whereas the metal withstood just 2 inch-lbs. When it comes to scratch resistance, HPL was able to withstand a 10 KG load applied with a scraping device, but it only took 3 KG of force to mar the metal partition.

Backed by a Two-Year Warranty

Your HPL partitions are strong and resilient. That’s one of the reasons they come with a limited two-year warranty. This protects the buyer against breakage, corrosion, or defects in materials or workmanship. During this warranty period, properly installed and maintained dividers will be repaired or replaced at no extra charge. If you’re looking for information on redeeming your warranty, please contact us via phone, email or fax and well walk you through the process. HPL partitions also allow architects, builders, corporations, and institutions to be more environmentally conscious in their construction projects. These panels consist of recycled content and include rapidly renewing materials along with other eco-friendly design enhancements. In addition, all their bathroom partition hardware is made from 50-70% recycled steel. That means when you purchase these HPL stalls you can qualify for LEED credits, benefiting you and the community.