High Pressure Laminate – Cleaning and Maintenance

High pressure laminate toilet partitions can hold a fresh appearance for a number of years if the material is maintained properly.


Keeping a high pressure laminate toilet partition in pristine condition can be done with ease. It’s all a matter of using the proper cleaning agents so there is no chance of a chemical reaction to dull or cause a hue on the surface. As well when and how to use other alternative methods of dirt removal. By following our steps to toilet partition upkeet, you’ll be able to keep your bathroom stalls looking as good as new months and years after your original purchase!

Cleaning Your Bathroom Partitions

The methods used to clean the bathroom stall differ on the type of soil found on a surface.


No, it will start to peel and swell, since it contains wood, it’s not recommended for high moisture areas


No, as mentioned above, they are not designed for prolonged contact with water


If fingerprints, smudges, or other sediment is found on the restroom partitions’s surface, a mild cleaning solution can be applied to effectively remove it. If the surface is smooth, use of a cloth or sponge is recommend; if the surface is textured, a soft brush will suffice. Rinse and dry thoroughly for maximum effect.

For tougher soiling like greased soil, oil, crayon, or even lipstick: use a mild degreaser or general purpose cleaner. Wet a cloth, sponge, or soft bristled brush with the cleaner of choice and apply it to the soiled area. Rinse and dry thoroughly.

If the affected area has soiling that is extremely difficult to tend to through the previous two means, like water marking or scaling, use of a stronger cleaning agent is required. Bathroom cleaners with acetic acid are the optimal choice for removal of these stains — use a cloth, sponge, or soft-bristled brush with the cleaning solution on it, and rinse/dry completely.

If a high pressure laminate toilet stall’s surface has been marked by graffiti, bathroom cleaners or other cleaning solutions will likely not do an acceptable job removing it. For situations where this has occurred, it is advised to use a special graffiti remover. Apply to the affected surface by spraying or wiping the remover on, while using a cloth or sponge. Rinse and dry completely.

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